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Octo Metric employs Agile processes that show scalable results quickly, adapt to user needs, and deliver secure solutions on-time and within budget. But building the right capabilities into an application isn’t enough. We apply user-centered design principles to ensure the tools we develop help users execute their work faster and in step with the flow of their jobs. By building the right tools with the right capabilities and supportive interfaces, Octo Metric enhances user adoption, satisfaction, and productivity.



platform & erp management

Octo Metric provides full life cycle support for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programs and applications to include analyzing, implementing, and managing of ERP applications. Octo Metric’s approach for planning, implementing, and maintaining ERP applications considers total cost of ownership and applies comprehensive decision-support techniques for making tough choices. Our approach eliminates many of the historical problems associated with large, complex ERP implementation programs—such as long implementation timelines, schedule delays, cost overruns, and systems that do not effectively meet business requirements.


INfrastructure management

Today’s Federal government needs flexible, scalable, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure solutions. Octo Metric provides these infrastructure management solutions by engineering the right solutions for our customers’ needs. We dive deep into the issues with the today’s infrastructure and elicit our customers’ ideal infrastructure for tomorrow. By examining emerging technologies, we can help reduce total cost of ownership for solutions that are entirely on-premise,  in the cloud, or a hybrid.


application management

Beginning with requirements development and continuing through operations and maintenance (O&M), Octo Metric provides full spectrum application management capabilities. Using CMMI DEV 4-appraised and ISO-certified processes, superior requirements gathering, analysis, management and tracking; development and configuration; administration; and configuration management for applications. We focus on building applications that support business processes so that user adoption and efficiency are high. Once applications are implemented, we support optimization efforts to maintain the usefulness of applications as business processes evolve to meet new regulations and laws. Finally, throughout this process we provide user training to make sure users have the knowledge to use applications to their fullest extent.


data management & visualization

Data collection and management is critical to the missions of the Federal government in today’s increasingly connected world. While there are differing opinions on how much data should be collected, Octo Metric knows having access to the right data helps agencies provide better services to the nation.  We provide optimized data modelling and database designs that support the types of data being collected. From database design to development, optimization to analysis, Octo Metric provides full scope data management services that meets the needs of today’s Federal government.


it management & governance

 Octo Metric’s management consulting roots give us a leg up on our competition because we understand the business aspects as well as the IT aspects of IT Management and Governance. These roots allow us to provide the most comprehensive services available, from enterprise architecture planning to individual IT project management. We enhance governance capabilities by focusing on well documented IT strategies and roadmaps to ensure the right enterprise architecture, and a supporting governance structure and processes are in place to maintain both. Octo Metric has also established program management offices (PMOs) and centers of excellence at several Federal agencies and has imparted best practices and standards that optimize business processes and inject emerging technologies into those agencies.